About That’s My Apple


That’s My Apple was started in 2014 as an outlet for Eve to write, draw, and just generally make her mark on the world. Since then it’s evolved to be a comic strip and illustration site that shares the joys, pains, and humor of parenting, marriage, and life in general.

About The Site

That’s My Apple is built with WordPress using the X-Theme. I have been developing WordPress sites for years now and I can’t recommend this theme enough. It’s incredibly flexible and powerful.

The Comic

“She’s Lost Her Apples” is a comic strip about Eve, a middle aged mother of three boys (Quai, Bear, & Ro-Ro) and wife to Jim. It is based on the author’s real life and family but is better than real life because Eve gets to decide how things end in the comic strip and that means she can almost always make them turn out in her favor.

Illustrations, Memes, Charts, Lists, & More

Other than the comic strip TMA is a whole bunch of funny illustrations, stories, memes, inspirational quotes, charts, lists, and more. Everything on the site is free to share but please link back to the site and/or give us credit.

Meet the Family