Eve leaned against her shopping cart, transfixed by an As Seen On TV product that promised not only to fix the hole in her wall made by her sons slamming the bathroom door too hard against it, but also her marriage, her weight, her lower back pain, and maybe even the world as a whole. Just then, her son Calvin came running up the aisle, excitedly holding a large, colorful box with a single tiny toy that looked like a top inside.

“How much?” she asked, without glancing up.

“It’s ONLY fifty dollars!” he exclaimed. “This is a super advanced battle blade that will destroy all my enemies and save the world.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, dear” Eve interrupted him. “But we’re just too poor to save the world.”

“But, but, if you love me. . .” he sputtered. “Sorry honey, but I just don’t love you that much,” she replied, as she gently pried the toy from his hand and placed it on a shelf slightly out of his reach, next to the box of “Fix it All,” and then dragged her mournful son out of the Target, both of them empty handed and no closer to saving the world than when they’d come in.