The Comic

That’s My Apple is a webcomic created by Yvonne Page, which centers around Eve Pavertart, her husband Sam, and their three sons, Omari, Calvin, and Gus, as well as a supporting cast of friends and family members.

The comic was launched in 2014, under the name She’s Lost Her Apples with this comic:

Since it’s creation, the comic went through a name change and several format changes, including a stint as a long, 3-4 panel strip:

until finally it evolved into the comic you see today.

Though the characters and many of the situations are based on the writer’s own family and life, they are usually wild exaggerations and sometimes, completely made up, or based on the experiences borrowed from friends and family.

That’s My Apple is published 2-3 times a week and can be read on this website, on Instagram, and on Facebook.

Meet the Characters

The Artist

Yvonne is the artist behind Yvonne Page Illustration and That’s My Apple. She has been writing, drawing, painting, doodling, and designing since she was three years old (maybe younger, she can’t remember any further back than that). Her work has been featured in many online and print publications including Scary Mommy, What the Flicka, Mothering Magazine, and Babble. She combines a unique sense of humor and illustration style to create comics about her life as a woman and mother, as well as art tailored to her favorite audience: kids.

In 2017, Yvonne launched the “Bookmarks Across America” program where she sent almost 10,000 free bookmarks to children across the United States in celebration of Read Across America Day. The project was such a success that she plans to continue it each year and expand to other art-related giving programs as her business grows, including free online art lessons and art supply packs sent to kids who want to be artists but can’t afford the tools to get started. Subscribe to the monthly newsletter to get exclusive content and learn more about the exciting giving programs as they unfold!

Learn even more about Yvonne and That’s My Apple by checking out the FAQs.

The Shop

Yvonne knew back in 2001 that she wanted to start a line of funny greeting cards tackling subjects and occasions skipped by traditional greeting card companies. Think “thanks for breaking my heart” and “sorry for the loss of your cat” type cards. That idea never quite came to fruition but she continued to build up her brand and develop her illustration style over the years while dabbling in selling different designs through print on demand sites. Though mildly successful, she knew that in order to offer the best quality products possible (which was something that was really important to her), she really needed to open her own store where she controlled the products, inventory, printing, and shipping. In early 2017, she committed to doing just that. She now runs That’s My Apple from her basement with just the help of her family (and her loyal kitty assistant, Mary). When you purchase from That’s My Apple, you can be confident that you’re buying from a small business and that the profits go to supporting a family and back into the community.

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