Seven Things You Probably Never Knew About Mark Twain

seven facts about mark twain

Seven Things You Probably Never Knew About Mark Twain This list below is for a class project I’m working on that I thought my readers might like as well. Even if you don’t care at all about Mark Twain, throwing one of these random facts into casual conversation will make you immediately appear 110% more intelligent. *I’m assuming that you …

Important Facts About Wine

Sources Where I Found These Important Facts About Wine: Millennials and wine Japanese Wine Spa Women in Rome, enjoying sex Wine & Weight Loss

Keep HOPE Alive

  When you’re a new parent, HOPE should stand for “Hold On, Poop Ends” because I promise you, someday all those poopy diapers really will be gone and no, it won’t be like those other precious baby things that go away and you end up missing desperately like their sweet baby breath and chubby rolls and snuggling up together in the middle …

Happy Vodka Day!

It’s finally here, the day we’ve all been waiting for!

A Normal 12-Year-Old's Brain VS. One That's On Drugs

Spoiler Alert: They’re exactly the same. Scientifically* there is no discernible difference between a normal adolescent brain and one that has been exposed to drugs. THAT’S HOW FREAKING CRAZY TWELVE YEAR OLDS ARE. *Not scientific at all. Complete speculation based on personal experience with one pre-teen and his friends. If you’re looking for something that actually might be scientific, try this article.

Grey Hair Accumulation Based on Age of Child

Finally You Know the Truth About Your Grey Hair! Has your child recently hit the double digits? Have you also recently begun accumulating an inordinate number of new grey hairs? Science* shows that parents with kids between 12 and 19 gain significantly more grey hair (up to 11x more) than their peers without teenagers**. Possible remedies include drinking more wine …

The Grass Is Greener

Because sometimes the grass really is greener on the other side and the most loving thing you can do is letting go…

Instagram Sexy

Perfect for when you’re stalking someone on social media.