Forbidden Love

Sometimes your love is just so wrong but it feels so right…it feels like being a lion in love with a zebra…go on shawty, share your love with the world. Who cares what the haters say?!

Puppy Love

Puppy love — because it’s so disgustingly adorable. Also available as a card in my store. 

Student Debt

  “There’s no one else I’d rather share a lifetime of crippling debt with.” A testament of true love right there. Also available as a card in my store.

T-Rex Hug

  Nothing like a hug from a good buddy! This is also available as a card in my store.

F*&k This S#^t Coloring Page

So last Sunday I was sitting there at the veterinary hospital waiting for two hours to be seen with my very sick cat. It was the last day of my vacation and I was annoyed by how rude they were being, how long they were making us wait, and how upset I was to be going back to work the next day. …