Do Not Disturb Signs- Work Edition*

As promised after making some “Do Not Disturb” signs for life with kids, I have also created some for when you don’t want to be disturbed at the office. Since I know most people don’t actually have doors, I forfeited the doorknob hangers and made them just regular signs, easily printable on a standard 8.5″x11″ piece of paper in your office printer (no need to use your own personal resources for these). Just tack these puppies up on your cubicle and you’re good to go!

The idea behind these signs is not to actually tell people not to come in because that’s frowned upon in the workplace, but just to make them feel uncomfortable enough to not want to come in. There are several ways to do this:

With a sexually suggestive sign…

DND Work Signs- sock doorknob

or two..

DND Work Signs please remove shoes

A sign that will make them feel guilty for stopping by without calling or emailing first…

DND Work Signs big project

A sign that will play into their lazy side and scare them away…

DND Work Signs -boss on other side

Or one that will make them uncomfortable before they even enter…

DND Work Signs - bunions

One for if you work with hypochondriacs…

DND Work Signs - diseased cubicle

Or, if all else fails, a sign that will at least guilt intruders into cutting straight to the chase when they do enter.

DND Work Signs -small talk

*Use these at your own risk. If you get fired, I refuse to take any responsibility. BUT if you do hang one, send me a picture!


Download and Print: