That’s My Apple is the brainchild of Illustrator, Yvonne Page. Over the years fans of her illustration have asked again and again “where can I buy your products” and “why aren’t you selling your stuff? I would buy it!” Finally, after having three babies and finishing her bachelor’s degree, all while working a full-time job, Yvonne got her ducks in a row and began planning and designing and testing and creating products and building this website in a tireless and slavish manner until, incredibly, one day it all came together like magic and That’s My Apple, the store, was born. (Before becoming a store, That’s My Apple served primarily as a website to host some of Yvonne’s more grown-up illustration work and comic strip.)

The mission of both That’s My Apple and Yvonne Page Illustration is simple: to make people happy. Happy is a relative term here, meaning that whether something we create makes someone laugh, feel pure joy, or simply understood and slightly less alone in this crazy world, then we consider our job done.

Additionally, we strive to make a difference in the world, especially as it relates to children and art. You can read more about the different art outreach programs we are working on here.

On your computer? Just kidding. The physical location for That’s My Apple is in Middlefield, CT, a tiny town right in the middle of the state.

No, you can’t come pick up your products in person. We really enjoy shipping stuff. Also seeing people in real life is terrifying. #sorrynotsorry

This website is the best place to buy any and everything That’s My Apple. Currently, the Super Cool Scientist coloring book is also available on Amazon.

That’s My Apple is the brainchild of illustrator, Yvonne Page. You can see more of her work on her other website yvonnepage.com. If you like what you see, you should sign up for the monthly newsletter that delivers artwork, stories, jokes, and exclusive discounts to this very shop to your email address.

You can also find That’s My Apple and Yvonne Page Illustration on their combined Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts.

Bookmarks Across America is an initiative where we send free bookmarks to kids across the United States in early March each year in honor of Read Across America Day. You can find out more about the project and find out how you can participate here.

We work with various vendors to print and create our products. For the most part, all of our products are created in the United States. We cannot vouch for the origins of all raw material however, and coffee mugs, in particular, we know are manufactured in Taiwan, though our designs are printed on them in the United States.

Why yes, yes we do. Sign up for discounts easily here. You can also subscribe to the Yvonne Page Illustration monthly newsletter to receive exclusive newsletter-only discounts.

Yup! Check them out here.

Anything that has been customized or custom painted for you is non-refundable simply because it can’t be resold and the time and effort it took to create will have all been lost. Don’t worry though, we work closely with the customer on anything that is customized to make sure the final product is exactly what you’re looking for so hopefully there’s never a need for a return on them!

Downloadable products are also not returnable and therefore, non-refundable. We apologize for that but it’s the nature of non-physical products. We try our best to be as clear as possible about what you’ll get with these products so hopefully, again, there’s no reason to have to return them.

We work on demand at this point so there are no set business hours. Email is checked very regularly though so the best way to reach us it to email us at info@thatsmyapple.com for general inquiries and customerservice@thatsmyapple.com for order related inquires. We will do our best to return your email within 24 hours.

Possibly? We’ll need a lot more info than that. The only custom product we currently offer is “Turn It Into a Comic” so if your idea fits into those guidelines, then probably yes. If not, then probably no.

If you have an idea for a product that you’d like to suggest, please feel free to send your idea to info@thatsmyapple.com with the subject line “PRODUCT IDEA.” Submitting an idea in no way guarantees that it will be turned into a real product and no recognition or compensation can be offered if we do use an idea. We will not (re)create anything that uses a copy written logo, idea, or quote or anything that we know belongs to another artist, writer, or creator, so please don’t ask!

We do! On the Yvonne Page Illustration site we have a page dedicated to free projects, coloring pages, etc tailored to, but not exclusively for kids. You can download, print, and use those designs freely! We also have a few fun downloadables for adults in our blog section on this site. Those include an “adult” (swear words) coloring page, a chart to tell whether you’re a good mother, downloadable do-not-disturb door hangers as well as “work” edition DND signs.

Finally, the Bookmarks Across America project (see question above) is an initiative where we send free bookmarks to children across the United States for Read Across America Day in March each year. To find out about that, get on the monthly newsletter email list or follow us on one of our social media sites to get notified (see where else can I find That’s My Apple question above).

The only customizable product right now is “Turn It Into A Comic.” Greeting cards, prints, etc. are not customizable.

I often wake up with my best ideas. Other times ideas come when I’m exercising, daydreaming, doing busy work, or taking a shower…basically the best ideas come when I’m not looking for them! I call this ‘creative mode’ and it’s a very important part of the work day. When I get an idea, I pull out my smartphone where I have a notetaking app that I quickly jot it down in. Then, when I’m in ‘production mode,’ I look back at the notebook and create comics, projects, and products from the ideas I’ve written down.

Additionally, most of my ideas stem from my experiences as a mother, wife, and woman or the experiences of my friends, family members, and fans on social media (yes I read the comments and think you’re hilarious and may create something based on your life but not on demand).

Along with illustration and graphic design, Yvonne spent several years working as a web designer and developer. Her website platform of choice is WordPress and this site is built on WordPress with the Woocommerce plugin and uses X-Theme, which can be purchased here and is, by far, Yvonne’s favorite theme ever (to date).

Wow, thanks! That’s really flattering! Just contact us at info@yvonnepage.com with the subject line “INTERVIEW REQUEST” and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Have another question that isn’t answered here? If it’s related to shipping and returns, please check this page. If it’s about our privacy policy, please look here. Terms of Use can be found here. If you want to learn more about That’s My Apple and the artist behind it, here’s the place. And if none of that answers your question, CONTACT US and we’ll do our best to provide an answer as soon as possible!